Scientific Center

Scientific Center has one of the largest aquariums in the Middle East, with more than 100 different species of animals. The Discovery Place is full of educational and entertaining exhibits pertaining to various forms of science. IMAX Theatre has a 15 meters high and 20 meters wide giant screen, equipped with latest media amenities, and an 8000 watt sound system.

Marina Mall

The Marina World in Salmiya is the second largest shopping and entertainment complex, located 5 minutes’ drive from Grand Hotel. The Mall is surrounded by several cafes and restaurants. There is a large spectacular glass fountain, located at the centerpiece of the plaza. The area is topped with one of the largest glass domes in the region.

Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Center

The Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmed Cultural Center is a multidisciplinary public space striving to entertain, educate and inspire the people of Kuwait. It will offer a range of events – in music, theater, film, workshops and spoken word – for every generation and sector of society.

Sheikh Abdullah Al Salem Cultural Center

is one of the world’s largest cultural complexes housing a total of 22 galleries with over 1,100 exhibits. The complex offers a Natural History Museum, Science and Technology Museum, a Fine Arts Centre, Arabic Islamic Science Museum, Space Museum, and Theatre.